Survey Objectives

Exploratory Phase
Explore your category and find your target to designs subsequent studies before conducting in-debth research into specific subjects.
Usage & Attitude
Understand your market. Who is buying what, from where and howoften as well attitudes towards your brand and competitors.
Concept / Product Test
Discover areas for improvement before turning them into products and marketing them.
Naming Test
Find out if the name you want to give your product transmits the values you want it to and if customers will understand your product.
Claim Test
Discover the claim that best conveys your brand and has the highest potential to distinguish you and increase engagement.
Packaging Test
Getting your packaging right is as essential as having a great product. If it doesn't attract the attention of consumers, they won't buy it.
Pricing Test
Price is a key factor when deciding whether or not to purchase a product. Understand which price points are too high or too low.
Advertisement Pre-Test
Thinking of launching a new campaign? whith an advertising pre-test you can get consumer feedback and make sure you nail it!
Communication Tracking
Check how effectively your communications capture consumers attention and what feelings they associate with your brand.
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