Our Journey
  • We started out by creating technology to aggregate the key important stories using forward-looking technologies such as AI, flutter, etc.
  • With an overwhelming response to our beta version, and people loving the coverage our socially conscious topics, we proceeded to design the specs of the final product.
  • We are on our path to create a platform where brands can interact with the right customers and gain knowledge to build and market more responsible products.
Our vision for the industry
  • With so much chaos in the media industry, we want to help create a dedicated channel that allows you to track important issues.
  • We are focused on contributing to the overall sustainability of the newspaper industry - we want them to get more eyeballs - hence each of our summaries have a link to the newspaper article.
  • We want publishers with genuine stories to excel by helping them access to our tech so that they can get attention from people that have low attention span.
Our ideal investor
  • One who shares the same passion of building something dedicated for the socially conscious.
  • Someone who knows that doing good doesn't necessarily mean doing charity - we strive towards building a sustainable business while ensuring our reader's interest are protected (hence there is no signup needed on the app!)
  • Person who has ideas on how to take the product to the next level.
We are transforming the way you consume news for good. Upgrade to a better news experience and start the right conversations.