Fellow Journalists
Bianca Carrera Espriu
m a Political Science student at Sciences Po Paris University, specializing in the Middle Eastern region. However, I have been working in the news industry recently as a collaborator-writer for different news sites. I believe that news play a huge role in democratising information and education, thus creating a more conscious society. That is why I joined NITL, because I think that its format can help people get informed easily, and explore news in different ways and with contrasted approaches in order to reach critical and valuable conclusions.
Kaat Leemans
Being a part of NITL is a great experience. From using and creating content for the app on a daily basis, I have found that it helps me expand my knowledge base of current events and take a stance within various debates. It also strengthens my skill and expertise in communication and leadership by working with a team of specialists from diverse cultures and backgrounds. I am ardent about the app as it is user-friendly and motivates young people to stay up-to-date on current events, worldwide. NITL has inspired me as they give students a voice to advocate news and global events that they are passionate about in an open and safe environment. Operating with a cross-functional international team has broadened my view of the world along with opening my mind to different ideas and perspectives. I was eager to join this forward-thinking community as I am passionate about the ongoing events of our world today which NITL helped me further educate myself on.
Noreen Fernandes
I joined NITL because I believe in the purpose and need for it. I wanted to show my gratitude for the times NITL helped me sift through various headlines and given me fact-checked concise news or a new perspective on a news story. Furthermore, I wanted to develop my skills in journalism this summer without being thrown entirely into the deep end and explore different forms of media and writing. Being at NITL has been very rewarding as it's given me the chance to find my writing style, broadened my skills and work with some amazing people!
Julia Donato
I joined NITL as it promotes social awareness and impact. I am already a a frequent user of NITL and would like to inform other millenials about the values of NITL. Due to the years of competing and participating at debate competitions, I want to use those skills to be able to support the NITL content team with more critical debates. I have won a couple of hackathons and super excited to join a young team at NITL to not just showcase my capabilities but also learn from a creative, fast growing startup.
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