Frequently Asked Questions


What is NITL?

  • NITL is a first news app which is powered by opinions, that come from around the world, via people from different cultures, backgrounds, ages and experiences.
  • NITL is the only global platform where you can share your views on what you are reading without the trolls, judgement, hate speech, rudeness or bias. Better still, you get rewarded for your shared views.
  • NITL is team of people who recognise that the world has gaps in the way we interact with information around us, specially digitally and have taken upon themselves to fill those gaps with a socially conscious app, unlike others, that puts society before business. Always.

Do you fact-check all news stories?

Yes. Our editorial team makes sure that all the stories that published on NITL App go through a rigorous fact checking policy.


  • Because it is the obvious choice when all of us are tired of complaining how our data is being used by companies to push us content that we don’t even care about; of skipping those ads and cookie popups which keep trolling and dictating our thoughts; of not knowing the relevance what we are consuming even if its just for entertainment.
  • Because being smart is not just reading about breaking news articles, political affairs and social concerns but also what we vocalising the concerns which can genuinely make an impact.
  • Because NITL gives you the power to voice your opinions on areas you and your loved ones care about.

Is NITL a news aggregator?

Simply put, yes. Our news articles are aggregated from 150+ sources and categorised into 18+ topics. We ensure that you read the more accurate, broad and independent news, all summarised by our A.I and curated by our content team into different content styles, so that you can understand every story – holistically.

What is NITL’s vision & mission?

  • Vision: To change the paradigm of interaction with content and create a culture where sharing opinions is as much fun as reading them.
  • Mission: Build an ecosystem where interaction with digital content is more than just a “double tap”, use business to inspire and implement solutions in the media-tech environment.

Is all content on NITL summarised in 3 bullet points?

  • No. As opinions can arise from anyone, NITL is available for all dynamic groups. For busier minds who like to stay updated on the go; for the nerdy kinds who like reading long form and even for those who love learning through action.
  • Check out our NITL Letter, if you’d like to keep your intake of content focused and precise, and our NITL-Blog which intends to join the dots between global events.

Is NITL free to use?

Yes. For all opinions. Always. However, we do have a subscription fee if you do not like to discuss and debate your opinions, to understand the multiple facets of any topic.

How can I share my opinions on the NITL App?

NITL App is designed to collect your opinions in various formats. We have designed multiple styles to depict the news information to incite thought and collect your views. The application also allows you to interact with multiple brands which want your opinions about a certain product or service or idea so that they can serve you better. Want to know how? Click here to interact with awesomeness.

I didn’t see any advertisement on NITL, how come?

  • Well it is not that we do not like advertisements, we actually love them. We understand that advertisements help businesses to educate and bring awareness to the market about their services and products, and help customers make a decision on what to buy.
  • However, we do not like to feed the current modus operandi behind showing advertisements to customers. We do not like to profile our readers online, neither do we collect cookie data nor your personal information. We simply assess your participation to help make the services and products advertised to you, better.

As a panelist, am I required to disclose my personal details?

No. However, the more details you provide NITL, the more curated the studies become for you.

Who is releasing surveys on NITL?

Different brands, businesses and service providers who interact with you through their products ranging from your bed sheets, your news consumption to the design of your socks. Do you have an idea and want to know our readers’ opinion on the same? Try it for free here

Can I write for NITL.App?

Glad you asked. Yes you can. Whether you are Independent news news content creator, or a student who inspires to be in the industry or one of our readers on the NITL App – we have a means to help you put your thoughts down in a unique fashion. Why not Download The NITL App and see for yourself? You can always get in touch with us, if you have any questions or comments.

How can I get in touch with the NITL team?

  • Easily. If it is a general query please write to us at
  • For content related queries (studies, content styles, actual information) please write to

Where can I find NITL.App?

Everywhere! Quick, click here to redeem your free credits.
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